IoT Platform for inventory of property, plant and equipment


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Added Value

Some employees spend up to 30% of their working time for searching and verifying data and documents on property, plant and equipment.

AIRdBASE saves your company valuable time.

A lot of safety and operational relevant data and documents on property, plant and equipment get lost over their lifecycle.

AIRdBASE makes your company more safe.

A complete documentation of property, plant and equipment, comparable to the checkbook of a car, increases their value.

AIRdBASE increases the value of your company.



Manage drawings, specifications, manuals and any other documents. Link them with rooms, plants and machinery.


Create room books as well as plant and machinery directories. Link these directories with documents and events.


Manage repairs, tests, maintenance activities and acceptances. Link such events with rooms, plants and machinery.

Interactive layouts

Create interactive plans from any PDF. Get quick access to all rooms, plants and machinery with one click.

QR Codes

Attach QR codes to rooms, plants and machinery. Get access to all data and documents by smartphone.


Send emails with links to documents, rooms, plants, machinery and events to users directly from AIRdBASE.

... and much more


Upload complete folder structures including their documents to AIRdBASE

Document containers

Upload documents to documents containers and manage their versions there


Keep meeting minutes online, manage tasks and attach documents to topics

Export functions

Export room books, plant and machinery directories as well as plan lists to Excel

Access rights

Free configuration of access rights on documents, rooms, plants, machinery and events

User groups

Manage and limit user rights by assigning them to different user groups

Import functions

Import room books, plant and machinery directories from Excel sheets

Images and videos

Upload images and videos and attach them to rooms, plant, machinery and events

Log function

Continuous logging of all document downloads and changes to all data


Receive automatic and customized notifications of new document uploads


Free configuration of attributes for documents, rooms, plants, machinery and events

Batch processing

Process attributes of documents, rooms, plants and machinery in batches